Dating english stanley planes

Hans brunner - stanley planes a small review my old and one of the easiest us stanley plane dating guides in publication anywhere. Stanley planes bailey bench plane collection, a word about hand planes goatboys woodshop stanley planes, stanley planes stanley no 9 12 sweetheart block plane rockler woodworking, stanley planes select the best bench plane for the job virginia toolworks, stanley planes bailey bench plane collection a. The largest of stanley's iron hand planes jointer no8 nice old hand tool check out my other videos. Stanley plane identification and stanley plane dating: what year and type is your stanley bailey handplane find out with this stanley bailey plane type study. We're all aware of the decline of quality in stanley tools over the last few decades in type studies of stanley planes, they all come to a screeching halt after type 20's, approximately 1967 or so. Stanley planes model number reference contains jay's type-study and dating page for: router and stanley bench planes bob kaune's bedrock type study. Here’s a gathering of possible info that considers type studies for english stanley’s, started by zeta in a woodwork forum stanley tools uk bought ja chapman in sheffield and started making planes in 1937 type 1 1937-39 rosewood w/brass nuts type 2 1939-45 beech w/hard rubber nuts. Welcome if you have a stanley bench plane and you want to know roughly when it was made, you've come to the right place otherwise perhaps you'd be happier elsewhere how to use this page.

Stanley adjustable block plane blades 1 3/8 & 1 5/8 these two plane blades are for stanley block planes with adjustable blade depth one is 1 3/8 wide, 4 3/8 long the other is 1 5/8 wide, 4 3/8 long. Buying usa stanley planes a few years ago i began to buy my first stanley planes on the net and i won my first auction for a strange red plane. Antique tools - grandpa's treasure chest bench_plane/dating_flowchartphp#type stanley planes by type identifying stanley combination planes. #45 abbreviated type study types 1 (1884 - 1885) jappanned only minor differences in type 1, 2 and 3 planes stanley in script logo is type 12.

Speed up your search find used stanley block plane for sale on ebay, craigslist, amazon and others compare 30 million ads find stanley block plane faster. Dating woden planes t his page concentrates on bench and rebate planes there are some dating notes on woden block planes at but record used historic stanley and. I'm building the best hand plane refinishing and restoration resource on the internet tune up, blade sharpening, stanley type study pages. Do a search for “dating stanley planes” and you will find a number of web sites that will help you identify a stanley plane this particular site goes back to.

Of all the circular planes manufactured by stanley rule & level company, this. Identifying hand planes stanley # 9 ¼ later model and # 110 earlier model this is an excellent resource for dating hand planes based on their features.

Dating english stanley planes

These pages are intended to serve as a quick reference for the model numbers of the various stanley planes each model number is linked to the entry for the corresponding plane in patrick leach's blood and gore page (for which these pages may be considered a simplified index).

Stanley & record planes basically mint and unused stanley, england no sb4 smoothing plane produced by stanley in the 1980's as a cheaper optio. Find great deals on ebay for antique stanley plane in woodworking planes shop with confidence. Towards a type study of stanley 151 spokeshaves for those trained in an english the functional “pockets” on stanley planes are quite a bit larger than. Stanley tools bench planes stanley no 7 jointer plane stanley no 6c fore plane stanley no 5 jack plane stanley no 4 smoothing plane stanley no 3 smoothing plane.

Sargent no 1080 combination plane (stanley made) prototype dado plane production dates for sargent planes sargent metal and transitional plane production dates. Stanley planes by numbers r emember that a one hundred year old plane has probably gone through many hands and changing fortunes some were showered with attention by their former owners, others suffered the worst possible abuse. The stanley tool co and defiance line by 1926, the defiance name was being used on a line of cheaper planes marketed by stanley.

Dating english stanley planes
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